Aims and Objectives


To make arrangement of the best education to the learners and to provide them characteristic, academic, cultural, physical, mental education etc for their all round development.


  1. Bright, well ventilated, large classrooms with an area of 12 sq.ft. per child.
  2. 100% Tuition free school.
  3. Toy library (at pre-school) and class libraries, upto primary levels.
  4. Special rooms such as Computer Lab, Maths Room, Social Studies Room, Resources Library for reference work, Workshops, individual well equipped laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science).
  5. Exclusive sheltered play areas for pre-primary and primary levels.
  6. Outdoor game facilities for cricket, Swimming, tennis, basketball and football.
  7. Indoor games and Dance room.
  8. Infirmary cum First Aid Room.
  9. Library cum Resource Room, Audio-visual Room.
  10. Seminar and Conference Rooms.
  11. Specialist teachers such as play and speech therapists, counselors (for child care unit for children with learning disabilities), Vocational Counselors and Career
  12. Masters, Computer Instructors, Theatre & Art Teachers, (coaches for aerobics, indoor and outdoor games and martial arts training).
  13. Excellent remuneration package to attract the best teachers.
  14. Ample opportunities for teachers to grow with training programmes and workshops for improving subject content and skills, as also personal growth workshops.
  15. Students from around the catchment (upto 50 km.) radius would be admitted.
  16. Students would be admitted at pre-school with very few admissions at other levels and no new admissions beyond Std. VII.
  17. A maximum class size of 36 and student teacher ratio 22:1 (max.) or less would be maintained.
  18. Ample opportunities for self-study for students; co-operative and interactive role of partners in their childrens education by parents workshop Engagement of Parents to participate actively in committees, PTA on a monthly basis.
  19. The school would prepare students for the CBSE and other competitive exams.
  20. There would be a constant non-stressful pressure of daily work.
  21. The curriculum is child initiated at pre-school, child centred at primary and interactive, project and research oriented in the secondary.
  22. The curriculum moves in a very natural, sequential manner from primary until Std. X as a sort of continuum.
  23. Every opportunity for developing students native talent is sought to be provided, Children would be encouraged to explore and reason; child to child interaction opportunities, debates, dramatics, quizzes as also live experiences through visits, guests lectures and audio-visual media would be provided.