Basic Feature



Students get first aid in the school clinic case of sudden illness or accident. A medical checkup of all students is conducted by the school medical officer at least twice a year and the parents are informed accordingly.


The City Convent School celebrates the birthday of the students on the occasion of their birthday by greeting and cheering. But the student are not allowed to wear casual colorful dress on that days as we beleive that school uniform is better than casual in school campus.


Morning Assembly: Morning assembly is a very auspicious occasion of the day. All the students assemble at the one place. Prayers, thought for the day, G.K. current topic and patriotic songs are followed by national Anthem every day, special long assemblies are held to observe festivals and national days, it is compulsory for everyone to attend the morning assembly.


To inculcate the habit of reading amongst the children and encourage learning among the, the school provides an excellent library and reading room facilities. It is well stocked with books covering all spheres of activity and varied tests, besides many magazines and news papers, students in summer classes are required to come to the library compulsory as part of normal school routine in order to inculcate a habit of reading.


Enrichment of social and cultural habits ultimately shapes a balanced personality in an individual when switching over from adolescence to adulthood the hobby clubs of the school help to develop the creativeness and skills of the students debates, Essay writing, Declamation Recitation, Speech contest, Paper Reading contest, Solo and Group Song competition, on the spot painting competition, Quiz & GK Contest, Fancy Dress Contest, Handwriting and Antakshari competition are conducted under the supervision of the trained school staff.


The City Convent School provides music facility to the students all Students join music classes as per the schedule. Tabla, Harmonium, Gitar, Dholak, Flute, Tripple Drum Set, Organ etc. Musical instruments are available in our school. (Selected Hindi, English, Cartoon, Adventure Historical Serials and course related films screened as per schedule)


As computer have become a part of life in the present setup of fast moving and progressing world it has also affected our daily life which has necessitated the knowledge of the subject for the student of all age group. In this course our ting tots connot stay aloof and so computer have been introduced in the curriculum enabling the blooming buds of CCS to satisfy their curiosity. Computer education is compulsory from class first onward.


The school lays great emphasis on physical fitness of students and tries to provide facilities for games, sports and recreation activities for all. The program includes rhythmic exercises, athletics, sports, games, yoga, meditation etc.

NOTE:Parents/Guardians or any other outside person are not allowed to meet the teachers at any time on any day during the school hours without the permission of principal.


Music, Dance and drama are very essential part of the school. Every students gets an opportunity to give his best in these fields on festive occasions, group song, dance and plays are organized. Very often textbook lessons are dramatized in the class and children are trained in the are of speech, acting and singing.


Parent’s teacher co-operation is essential for the continuous and harmonious growth of the students. We believe that the parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents. The process of informal education sets in motion at birth and gains momentum in the school, the center of formal education. To bring out the best in the child home influence should supplement school efforts. Both school and home should help the child to form desirable behavioral patterns, healthy habits and positive attitudes in personal and social life to make him/her a pride of the family and an asset for the society to know the child’s progress and other problems parents are requested to come every to come every Saturday in each month for sharing their suggestions for the bright future of child.


We serve hundred percent pure & safe R.O.U.V. & T.D.S. Drinking water to the student we believe that pure water makes us Healthy & Fresh.

I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple,

Pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.