Principal’s Message


The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.

— Ravindranath Tagore

Students today are faced with challenges at every turn making it imperative for us to equip them with the skills and capabilities they need to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Our school’s endeavor, therefore, is to create an environment that facilitates learning which not only promotes intellectual growth but also provides them with the tools they need to become critical thinkers, inspired learners and path-breaking innovators.

Our school, started in the year 2007, has progressed from strength to strength and within a very short span of time has occupied a leading position among the top schools of the region. During its short but significant journey, the school has crossed some major milestones, scaled some lofty peaks and proved itself, time and again, as the most innovative, progressive and forward looking school of the region. As the state of Uttarakhand has always been extremely proud of its rich tradition of contribution in the Indian Armed Forces, our school has left no stone unturned in creating all necessary platforms to produce valiant officers and soldiers for tomorrow. One of the major initiatives is to offer all the three wings of NCC- Army, Navy and Air Force to our students so that our young boys and girls feel ignited about their career prospect and are provided a smooth entry in our formidable Armed forces.

The faculty at City Convent School is ever so proactive to produce global leaders for tomorrow with wider vision but still firmly rooted to our Indian values. We believe in pursuing the ethos of blending tradition with modernity, wherein young learners are taught modern concepts and time-tested values to make them socially conscious and well-informed leaders.

The youth of today needs to be ready for a global stage. To make education a complete experience, we encourage our children to take on responsibility and become the catalysts of change. We, at City Convent School, are committed towards preparing skilled, knowledgeable, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the society. We, as responsible educators take upon ourselves to create a stimulating environment where young minds are nurtured to blossom into intelligent, mature and enriched youth.

During the challenging and unprecedented situation of Covid 19, we have taken all the required measures to provide high-quality education to our children. Keeping in pace with a technology-driven society, a plethora of initiatives have been taken to integrate technology in classroom teaching and digitalize education. Looking at the positive direction, our school has tied up with the Lead School to build strong foundation and knowledge base for English, computer skills and mathematics, apart from excelling in other subjects.

As parents play an important role in the education and development of the child, we place a strong emphasis on working with parents. We seek the continued involvement, collaboration and motivation of the parents to the student community to achieve new milestones in the field of education and to accomplish the developmental goals of the students.

I am sure that our students will keep carry forward the motto of love, care and unity entrusted in their hands by the City Convent School. With all my love and best wishes,


City Convent School

Khatima (Uttarakhand)